About Me

I am very passionate about science and in particular, Chemistry and Biology. I hold a degree with honours in Biochemistry and also a graduate diploma in Chemistry. I was also awarded a certificate for Excellence in Biosciences during my graduation year for achieving the highest mark for my cohort. I have a wealth of experience in teaching years 9-12 through my work at Liverpool John Moores university as a Student Advocate and during my time working in student recruitment and advice. My role was to deliver subject based taster sessions for upto 40 students which requires me to provide various engaging activities and also to provide presentations at various Schools and Colleges. In addition to teaching in several schools I have tutored various students during my degree and postgraduate study and the feedback I have received has been extremely positive. I have successfully developed a learning approach to enable students to confidently apply subject knowledge during exams. I pride myself on having a good sense of humour which I believe is essential to enjoying the subject of science.

My aim is to help you to expand practical, problem solving and enquiry skills enabling you to develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods in line with programme of study for the national curriculum. I will also help you to gain the knowledge and understanding of how chemistry and biology are important within the field of science and its role in society.